Motor Admin For Agency

Build a custom admin panel for your clients and partners faster.

Use company branding

Use your client's product logo and styling for their admin panel.

Have more things done

Let your developers work on important projects. Admin panel can be adjusted and customized to meet your client's needs by a non-tech person using the intuitive settings directly from the UI.

Why use Motor Admin?
Cut the costs

Develop admin panels faster with less code when basic customizations can be done by non-tech people via the intuitive settings in the UI.

Iterate faster

No need to write custom code and deploy the changes. Adjust the admin panel based on your client requests directly via the settings in the UI.

Robust and secure

Stay assured that your client's data is safe. Don't spend time on QA, testing, and security audits - it has been already done for you.

Ready to try Motor Admin on your next project?