Deploy a no-code admin panel for your application in less than a minute

Stop wasting time on custom internal tools and focus on the actual product.
Motor Admin allows to launch a custom admin panel for any application.

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Motor Admin works with any application stack

Operate your data

Search, create, update, and delete data entries using a convenient UI. Create complex custom actions like sending an automated email to your customers via API integration.

Analyze your data

Build custom reports with SQL and visualize the results with charts. Combine individual reports into a single dashboard and share it with your team.

Solve any task

Create custom forms to fulfill your complex business processes directly in the admin panel via API integration with your production app.

Why Motor Admin?
Save time

Developing internal tools drains a lot of time and money. With Motor Admin you can stay more focused on growing your business.

Secure your data

You gain full control over your admin panel. Deploy it under a VPN to make it impossible to access it outside of your company network.

Backed by community

You won't be left alone - Motor Admin open-source developers community is always happy to help answering any questions on GitHub.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Motor Admin connects to your database directly to build the default CRUD UI on top of the provided DB schema. Representation of the data can be customized using in-app configurations and custom SQL queries (see Resource Table and Resource Details). Admin operations which can't be covered by the default CRUD can be implemented via custom forms with API integration (see Custom Forms).

Does it support multiple environments?

All app configurations are stored in the auto-generated motor-admin.yml file. Developers can use Motor Admin on localhost to test and configure the admin UI, and provision the updated local configs to production. Motor Admin configurations can be provisioned to the remote production environment using motor-admin sync command. Also, it's recommended to include motor-admin.yml in your VSC (Git).

Does it work with my tech stack?

Motor Admin works directly with a database - PostgreSQL, SQLServer, MySQL, MariaDB are supported currently. For application-specific business logic, Motor Admin can use REST or GraphQL API calls implemented on your back-end server.

Does it work with existing apps?

Motor Admin can be integrated and used simultaneously with any existing legacy admin panel used by your app. Motor Admin app doesn't change the database schema and can't negatively affect on the existing features you use in your legacy admin panel.

User Testimonials

"Although we have been customizing various admin UIs for 15 years with Rails and recently with JavaScript, I got very excited when I discovered Motor Admin. There are a lot of useful features around admin operations and dashboards, yet very little code to manage."

Harley Trung
Harley Trung

"Motor Admin has become my go-to tool for building admin UIs. As a busy consultant, it allows me to focus on building the business logic that the client is actually paying for, and saves both myself and the client countless hours of development time."

Bucky Wolfe
Bucky Wolfe

"Building and forming an interface across the app locally and transferring it into production is super easy with Motor Admin. I'd definitely recommend it for SaaS apps, especially over the competition for Rails."

Andy Callaghan
Andy Callaghan

"I was starting my new startup and I didn't want to implement too much code and I wanted nice charts and the ability to run custom queries without coding. I came across Motor Admin and since then I've been recommending it to every other developer I know."

Benjamin Silva
Benjamin Silva
Ready to dive in? Deploy in less than a minute.